A challenging rogue-like puzzler inspired by the classic Tower of the Sorcerer. Play as a human knight who fights his way out of a deep dungeon by slaying monsters and solving intricate puzzles.

DungeonUp is a dungeon crawler in which you have to make choice in every few steps.

Letter of recommendation:
I had a very pleasure time working with WinterWrite studio to localize DungeonUp into Russian, and I look forward more in the future.

They provided high-quality translation, fast response to client request, and thorough QA which I appreciate most.

They also helped promoting DungeonUp in Russian online communities. What can an indie ask for more?
Inspired by but different from Tower of the Sorcerer, DungeonUp is based on procedurally generated levels so you will encounter a whole new set of challenges in every re-run. This is a must-have for rogue-like and puzzle game fans.

• 50+ levels in 5 zones with different monsters and theme.
• 10+ levels with secrets and plots.
• 40+ monsters, and some are with special abilities.
• In each zone there's a boss battle, requires you to fight with wisdom.
• 40+ unique items, and some are designed with puzzles.
• Oryx's 16-bit Fantasy Sprite Set.
• 3 difficulty levels, designed for both casual and hardcore players.
• Maze Mode for your coffee break.
• Explore more fun from tons of Player Maps.

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