Game localization

The main objective of WinterWrite Translation Studio is localization of video games. Our specialists will identify parts of the text in the game that need to be adapted to the target audience. It can be: currency name, geographical names, proper nouns and the names of the characters.

Our main task in the localization of the game - is the preservation of the ideas and atmosphere of the original product, we try to maintain the integrity of the narrative and to exclude semantic errors, to convey to the players the correct approach to the game, which was gently formed by developers.

We're offering several levels of the game localization:

  • Paper localization
  • Standard localization
  • Surplus localization
  • Deep localization

Paper localization

This type of localization is typical for dealers, who buy the product, print their materials and sell it all in one package. Usually, at this stage, we perform localization of product box, user manuals, marketing materials and etc.

Standard localization

Standard localization includes translation of the entire text that is in the game - tips, subtitles (in-game dialogues), user interfaces, menus, etc. This type of localization is the most common and cost-effective compared with other types of localization.

Surplus localization

Some games require excessive localization, which includes a redrawing of all or some of the graphical objects. This is due to the desire of the publisher to make a complete localization of the product or with the fact that in some countries, certain symbols or scenes of violence can be prohibited.

Deep localization

Deep localization is mainly characterized by the adaptation of the game script. This kind of localization is typical for games with a serious bias in the national theme, or forbidden texts/symbols and scenes of violence.

For any game, regardless of the localization level you choose, we provide testing of the final product.