Translation of Collisions is completed!

18 September, 2015

Hello everyone!

Once again, we welcome you, and we can't wait to announce some good news.

Work on localization of Collisions completed and the Russian language was successfully added to the game. You can switch to it using the F1 key ingame.

The game is a puzzle in which you solve one logical task after another. Enjoyable gameplay is filled with interesting proverbs that cheers you on every level.

In the localization process, as expected, we are faced with the complexity of the translation and adaptation of proverbs and sayings, as well as thoughts of famous people. But we have coped with this task. And how well we have done this, you can see for yourself by playing this game. =)

We wish you good luck and good fun in this exciting game!

Cost of the game — 99 in the Russian Federation and $3.99 in CIS
Russian language — Yes (Interface)
Achievements — Yes
Steam trading cards — Yes

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